Benefits of Houseplants

When we feel low or lazy, we go for a walk in a park and we get energized. Because mother nature reduces mental stress, fatigue, emotional stress. According to a study conducted by the botanical department of the university. Plants increase the working efficiency of an individual. They also reduce the stress in the office air.

This is the reason nowadays you will find many attractive indoor plants in almost every office of a multinational company.

If they can improve your office environment, they can also improve your home environment. People that have 2 or more houseplants in their living room are more relaxed and productive than others.

Houseplants have many mental and health benefits. Some of them are listed below.

NO Pollution: Sick building syndrome is the term we use to describe a building that has increased pollution levels. Many people suddenly get allergic to environmental pollutants. They discover sudden skin irritations, rashes, dizziness, and fatigue. All these are the symptoms of living or working in a polluted environment.

Not only the working place and outer environment is polluted. You also encounter indoor pollution daily. This kind of pollution is spread by toxic building materials, low-quality furniture. Lack of good air circulation increases the level of formaldehyde in-home air.

Things like computer parts, plastic-made things, rubber, vinyl, laminations, etc release a heavy number of indoor pollutants. But we cannot though of them out. Our life is highly dependent on them.


The best way to reduce this pollution is to grow houseplants in different parts of your home. You can adapt to indoor gardening and kitchen gardening to grow plants in your kitchen.

Plants like snake plants, rubber plants are famous for purifying the indoor air.

Best houseplants to grow these days

ZZ plant:

This plant is known for prosperity and friendship. It is a low maintenance houseplant. ZZ plants do not like much water. They like to grow in little dry conditions and also need very low light for living. These plants can be the best houseplant in a low light environment.

Rubber plant:

This plant is used to make a good balance of CO2 and O2. According to the Royal Agricultural Society of England, rubber plants absorb the indoor air through their leaves and transfer it to the roots. Most of the toxins and viruses get killed by the microbes present in the container soil. This purification cycle continuous in the rooms where the rubber plant is present.

This houseplant produces a good amount of oxygen. It consumes carbon dioxide and converts it into two things oxygen and a by-product that plant needs to live. Every houseplant releases fresh oxygen and consumes carbon. But this plant is an efficient creator of fresh oxygen. Because it has large leaves that help it to consume and release a large number of gases.

How many houseplants do you need to reduce your indoor pollution?

For normal purpose means to reduce stress and fatigue you need to place a plant every 140 square feet. Grow different types of houseplants in your house.

To purify indoor air, you need to have a houseplant in all corners of your house. Roughly 16 to 20 plants are enough for 2000 square feet area. Do not put them in a single place. Put some houseplant sin your living room, kitchen, and in your bedroom. Do not put plants in your bathroom because due to high humid conditions and poor air circulation. Your plants will get affected by many types of fungus disease.

Before choosing any houseplant make sure it is low maintenance and does not require frequent watering. Also, keep in mind that you need to select plants that do not require a high amount of nutrients every month.

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